Exhibitor Area

Exhibitor Area

Stand build and setup:

Visitors to your stand will interact via a number of hotspot areas that connect them to your marketing material.

To learn more about having a stand at the Expo, you can read / download the Introduction and Packages Guide HERE

Use this form to provide details for the build and setup of your exhibition stand

1. Your Contact Details

Please tell us your name and how to contact you:

Please enter the name of the individual or organisation who is having the stand, if different from above, so we can link this form up with any other communication.

2. Stand Selection

2 levels of bespoke stands are available:

  • Custom bespoke will be based on one of the existing designs, with the configuration changed to your taste (may involve additional charges)
  • Fully bespoke will start with a brief from you, and design and development time is charged on an hourly rate

3. Stand Configuration

Your Logo

Max file size 1MB – IMPORTANT: Please check the file size BEFORE trying to upload

You can upload your logo here which will be used on the stand.
If you want your logo to be with a transparent background, please use “.png” format with a transparent background set.
We accept the following file types:
.png, .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .pdf

If you want to use more than one logo, please tick this box and we will contact you

Labels of stand areas for customisation – click to enlarge

Need to convert Pantone to Hex?

If you only have your organisation’s brand guideline colours in Pantone for print, you can find converters online. There is a useful one at easycalculation.com

This is where you can tell us the colours you’d like us to use:

You can refer to the image on the right which explain which colours are used in which area.

NOTE: Our stands use gradients and shading to make the appearance more like you would see on a 3 dimensional stand in reality. When you select a colour below, we use that as the base colour wash and apply it to the gradients.

If you would prefer us to use flat colours please tick the box below:

The left wall is often used to display products or business tag lines.

Most stand designs have a central column which carries the company logo and sometimes business tag lines. Some stand designs, eg StageMaster, use a low screen instead of a tall column, as the company logo is on a suspended overhead gantry.

The right wall is where we generally put the video screen for your stand. Some designs also use this wall for product display.

Note 1
The Summit Stand also incorporates a front reception desk.
Bespoke designs can have a front reception desk as well.
Select the base colour here.

4. Marketing Information

Visitors to your stand will interact with you via a number of hotspots. Please complete the details below to enable us to complete the setup of your stand:

A couple of paragraphs telling us about you and what you do. This is used on the touch kiosk on your stand and as an exhibitor bio where appropriate

Note 2
If you have purchased a package that enables you to show videos on your stand, you can put up to 3 in the video player by providing us the youtube or vimeo embed codes. You will need to ensure the video settings (eg privacy) allow for playback from third-party sites, or at least this site

This is the email address you would like visitor enquiries and requests for information to be forwarded on to

If you are looking to have more PDF brochures or Videos on your stand, please contact us

5. Contact Information to be published on the Stand

Video Chat Links

If you want the option to have breakout live video chats with prospects visiting your stand, put the relevant contact links here

Social Media Links

6. Do you want to sell anything direct from the stand?

Selling Products and Services from the stand

Whether you have physical or digital products, or a range of services, we can help you sell direct from your stand.

Service products such as legal or accounting consultations, or other business services, can be illustrated as boxed or book products like the examples above*.

We will contact you separately about setting up products ready for sale.

Please Note: To sell direct from the stand you will need to have the Enterprise or Campaign package.


*If you need any assistance, we can help you create product images for a small additional fee

Customising colours on your stand

scroll down to view more stand types

Crown Stand Design
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StageMaster Stand Design
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Summit Stand Design
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Stand Hotspots